life coaching

If you examine the support systems of most successful professionals you'll often discover a 'coach' as a part of the team. Life coaches provide the missing focus and encouragement needed to pursue individual goals, without the bias or politics work and social circles can bring.

Coaching is a relatively new and often misunderstood phenomenon, arriving in the UK around 1997. Life coaches are not therapists, they do take into account the blocks and obstacles, but negotiate the goals and formulate a plan to get there.

A coach is responsible for being both encouraging and challenging, enabling the client to understand what they want and why. A coach will break down the plan into appropriate stages, and like a personal project manager, ensure it is delivered.

At Chameleon Fridays, our Life Coaching aim is to make dreams realistic, put plans and strategies in place to achieve success, enable our clients to become more efficient and most importantly, maintain the focus. Much like a personal trainer is for your body, our services are personal training for your personal goals.

A coach will meet with you to breakdown the targets, negotiate the focus and write a plan to achieve success. Our coaching is available in thirty minute client facing and/or telephone sessions. We recommend a programme of eight sessions.

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